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New Corn Hybrids for 2020

In 2020, crop producers will have the opportunity to choose Maizex corn hybrids, among the most successful and most genetically diverse lineup of corn hybrids in the industry. Their strength comes from combining the qualities of the best hybrids Elite and Maizex.

The development of these hybrids did not happen overnight. Indeed, Elite and Maizex's specialists worked together for more than a year to come up with a hybrid line with the best characters from both organizations. The breeding team looked at the complementary agronomic attributes of each of these hybrids (yield, plant height, stem stability, maturity, disease tolerance, etc.). In this selection process, only those hybrids that meet the highest performance requirements of producers have been selected for both large-scale and niche markets.

Knowing that the evaluation of corn hybrids is carried out in the regions and conditions in which they will be grown is of primary importance for agricultural producers. The pooling of Elite and Maizex test sites has provided the opportunity to develop a larger evaluation program that will ensure the development of the full potential of the Maizex seed market in Quebec.

Take time to determine your needs for the next season by talking to your expert consultants. They have all the information needed to help you make the best choice of hybrids for your farm.


New Corn Grain Hybrids for 2020

MZ 2982DBR (2675 CHU, 89 RM, VT2P)

MZ 3117DBR (2725 CHU, 91 RM, VT2P)

MZ 369 (2875 CHU, 96 RM, CONV)

MZ 3690DBR (2875 CHU, 96 RM, VT2P)

MZ 4040DBR (2975 CHU, 100 RM, VT2P)

MZ 4049SMX (2975 CHU, 100 RM, SmartStax)

MZ 4151TRE (3000 CHU, 101 RM, Trecepta)


New Corn Silage Hybrids for 2020

MS 7733DBR (2200 CHU)

MS 8022R (2300 CHU)

LFG 8810R (2450 CHU, Leafy Floury)

LF 8844SMX (2500 CHU, Leafy)



Shawn Winter, Certified Crop Adviser

Product Development Manager

Maizex Seeds, Ontario

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